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Scottie Robe

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Limited Edition

Say Hello to KING MILA! The new UNISEX Silky and Sexy Luxury Robe by Mila Mila! By far our newest and one of our most popular items. The Scottie Robe is a limited edition gown featuring our designer's favorite monograms. Get that millionaire look in our prints made with 100% Premium Silky Textile and you in mind. Get yourself noticed in these fabulous must-have. From a simple stay at home to a slumber party with or without your friends. Hit the streets with a statement piece that will turn heads. Use it as a cover-up for your sexy swimwear, or make your best friend jealous on a long flight. Ultra-comfortable and versatile from getting glammed up to an after bubble bath. Cozy and snuggly, seamless double lined and full-length gown that will make you feel like a million bucks gal.